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Buildings are materialized extensions of our landscape and surroundings. Each building project is a unique solution of context, form, material, and budget. We see true value in making places that create and foster memories. We present ideas first, then possiblities. Architecture is a singular effort to get problems synchronized and resolved. We create, design, build, digitize, animate, model, render, engineer, fabricate, install and construct Immersive Environments. Our mission is to keep a single focus on your schedule, budget, and design intent. 

Rob designed and built out an innovative coffee-shop in our bookstore in no-time flat. I also spent quite a bit of time exploring other design concepts for The Last Bookstore with him. I was quite impressed -- his patience, enthusiasm, and truly out-of-the-box ideas came easily and seemingly without effort. Highly recommended-!


Owner - Josh Spencer 




Bleeding Edge Contemporary-Design for Custom Environments : Interior / Exterior /  Residential / Commercial / Landscape / Urban / Planning / Urban Infill / Single Family Housing / Multi- Family Housing / Hillside / Retail / Restaurant / Bar / Cafe / Gallery / Museum / Installation / Graphic / Wayfinding / Video Art / Modern / Contemporary / Metal / New Facades / High- Rise / Podium / Parking / Landscape / Furniture / Lighting / BHO / DTLA / LADBS / WeHO / Containers


Services Provided- All Project Sizes 

Architectural Services - SD , DD , CD + CA 

Architect Rob Mothershed
CAB 34114 + NCARB 
C>> 310-972-0973

+ Past Collaborations:

The Last Bookstore, The Painted Brain, UD4U, KCRW, Kendra Candy Stores, Grace Chinese Alliance Church, SCION, Red TAG Gallery, JBL Holdings, and 1:1 Design, Stephen Courtney Wood Works (Hello Kitty Installation at JAMA) Japanese - American Museum , Las Casas Realty , ARCAforma , NELA Investments , and local people at Big Art Labs 

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