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Immersive architecture must have dynamic integration

The modern house design explores the transparencies between nature and structure. Man strives to be in harmony with space. Context is ephemeral and time is never void. The dwelling concepts of enclosure, protection, privacy join the membranes of floor and wall. The singular and hybrid section extrudes toward the entryway by levitating the landing into the house. There is an internal fireplace that makes the heart of the house come together. The small mezzanine offers a higher zone to relax. 

This new super modern house attempts to blend the exterior views with an open floor plan. The plan has no basement. The primary ground floor is garage, storage, and entry. There is a stair that ascends to the second living floor area. The 2nd floor has small open grill glazing for north light. The south window wall opens on a top hinge pivot to maximize the main deck view.  There is a loose functioning of furniture. The industrial look is intended to relate to the nearby companies and main street. That raw metal that rusts seeks a raw look that is contemporary and visually unique. The third level creates a private master bedroom suite. There is a sun garden roof terrace at the top with a retractable skylight. The three level house is compact and is intended for a small family.

This house seeks to merge an open program of architecture. The connections to a southerly sky promote many decks at various levels. The new shotgun style house is  promoting a house that has many discrete levels. The exterior has a terraced approach. The lower level is focused on outdoor. The second level merges the main car garage with entry. The upper level combines social spaces with eating, dining, and relaxing. The house will have a future mezzanine. The sun shades allow for early light to enter the main body of the house. The new modern materials desire a look that feeds into the urban core of El Sereno. The size of house is under 2500 SF.

When a machine begins to run without human aid, it is time to scrap it - whether it be a factory or a government.

Alexander Chase



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