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Immersive Environments - Buildings are materialized extensions our landscape surroundings


Atelier Approach - Philosophy

We practice/teach/ and research design as an integral act of making and we open ourselves up to taking risks that support and innovate ambient ideas. We hope to materialize and share a distinct attitude that can be seen in our past project deliveries. Our protocols of production explore the manufacturing of space via digital crafting and utilizing an iterative design cycle of knowledge. We seek to make an encoded strategy of spatial speculations by establishing verification systems. Our tacit intuitions and environmental goals have ensured clients that novel form and speculative drawings make powerful agents for communicating effective spaces that flourish with energy. The progressive interarticulations that we adopt and deploy capture tectontic fluidity. Our studio seeks to make strong developments and contributions that are performative and theatrical. The inherent robust forms are an operable matrix of intrinsic and extrinsic dialogues. We aspire to be diligent in our ambitious endeavours and will keep striving to make scalable work that is enjoyable and experimental ( fresh).


rob mothershed, ncarb

The world of architecture has been evolving since ages and the different shapes and structures of amazing buildings have always inspired me. For this reason I pursued my architectural training in South Carolina at the Clemson University. I architect, Rob Mothershed, earned my masters degree in the year 2002. I have earned a full academic fellowship after achieving the first place in HOK Design competition. I was also a teaching assistant at the Clemson Univesity’s College, Humanities, Architecture and Art. In addition, I taught and lectured at the Anderson College for a Material Detailing and Architectural Construction Class. 

I operate my architectural house in Los Angeles and in one the best architecture companies. I have accomplished various independent researches on modern houses within the media arts arena. I have explored the area of commercial construction and my company has created some of the finest building design in terms of urban landscapes, medical facilities, performing art centers and much more

Worked with / or / at: Form:uLA, Michele Saee, Plexus R + D, NULL.LAB , Lookinglass, COArchitects, Frank Gehry and Partners, LoHA, FER, Frank Clark, HOK, HNTB Architecture, Callus-Shortridge and Wes Jones and Partners ( J:PA)


+ Past Collaborations:

The Last Bookstore, The Painted Brain, UD4U, KCRW, Kendra Candy Stores, Grace Chinese Alliance Church, JBL Holdings, and 1:1 Design, and Stephen Courtney Wood Works (Hello Kitty Installation at JAMA)

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container modifications - off the grid 

"Anything is Possible, if you can draw it"

—  Rob Mothershed, Principal Owner

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